Friday, November 12, 2010

Should we lower our expectations?

As children I think we have high expectations of people (and things for that matter). Being a child we need parents, family members and friends for physical and financial support more than we do as adults. As adults we need others for emotional support. And as I journeyed through my late 20's and thirties I have come to a very sad realization that my expectations were seriously too high of other adults in my life.

Seems easier to lower my expectations of people so I don't get hurt. But is that the real way to go? I know that by doing that I will be hurt less and its defiantly the easy way out. I've lived the last 8 months with lower expectations of others and its been much easier. My anxiety is gone (thank you, Jesus), I'm a happier person, not so quick to anger.... I could go on and on. As I was having a conversation with my husband last night and I told him about my theory of lowering my expectations he said yea, that sounds simple enough. I'm gonna try that too. Then a light bulb practically hit me on my head. WHAT WAS I DOING??? This is ridiculous, God doesn't want us to take the easy way out. Now my mission is the pray about it and figure out exactly what He wants me to do with my theory and easy way out.

The one person who keeps exceeding my expectations is God. He has been a rock through every aspect of my life. I'm am so thankful for the day when I was 13 years old sitting around a table at a family friends house and hearing about God and how AMAZING He really is. I've continued on occasion to sit around a table with those two very important people and learn about the Word of God and it has opened my eyes and heart to show me that the most important thing in this world is God. And that he gave his only son, Jesus, up for us to wash our sins away forever. I remember laying on the floor of my friends bedroom, having a sleepover, praying a simple prayer and asking Jesus into my heart. That day was a changing day for me, however, I didn't realize it until years later.

Until next time, many blessings.

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