Sunday, August 17, 2008

First time fishing

This was a great weekend. John took the boys (and their friend) fishing for the first time on Friday. They absolutely loved it!! And they both caught fish. WOOHOO!! He took some great pics. I stayed home and worked around the house. Its kinda nice for the boys to go out do fun stuff with their daddy once in a while. And John just loved taking them out on adventures. He has been doing that since they were about one year old.

Jason fishing at the pond

Justin fishing at the pond

After their fun filled Friday evening, they had their friend spend the night. The three boys woke up Saturday morning with fishing on their brains. So of course at 9:00 in the morning they wanted to go back to the pond. But that wasn't an option, cuz it was my Gram's 75th birthday bash. So the next best thing, was to practice fishing (with no hook of course) in our backyard pool. It was the cutest!!! They practiced fishing for over an hour.

Justin practicing fishing in our pool

Silly face, Jase practicing fishing

I am so thankful John is such a great dad. He makes our boys feel safe, loved and is teaching them great things.

Until next time.
Have a blessed day.

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Lisa said...

I just love it!! We are so blessed to have husbands, 'willing' to take the time to spend with their kids and too teach as well. That is a blessing from our LORD! Thank you, LORD!

I thank HIM for our hearts, too!

Your sister in Christ,