Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm an organizing maniac!!!!

I was inspired by a couple of other blogs I read, and Passionate Homemaker to get my bedroom closet and linen closet organized. Whew, that was a big job. But I did it!!! And it was kinda fun. I really do love organizing, just ask my mom, she will tell you I am her organized daughter.

Here is a before pic of my linen closet, I know its pretty bad ☺

and after all my hard work...

Here is the after pic of the linen closet

And the bedroom closet. Its very small and I really try to shove a ton of stuff that shouldn't go in there. So I took everything out and decided what I wanted to be in there. Put it all back and the rest of the junk that didn't belong in there I either pitched, donated or put somewhere else.

Before pic of our bedroom closet

After pic of our bedroom closet

I hope I've inspired you to organize your "stuff". So, now go and get to organizing!!!

Have a great day


Nik said...

You are too funny, it is likethe before and after you see on tv!!! Good Job! I will remember that when I have somewhere to organize!!!

KRigsby352 said...

WOW...!!! you did a great job!! did you find my bathing suit!?! lol good job fran i'm proud of you!! now you can come organize my apartment!!! Love you xoxo