Tuesday, September 23, 2008

OAMC part Deux

We are doing our Once a Month Cooking day again on September 28th. I am so excited, we recruited my sister in law, Jaime. She was so interested in it, we didn't even have to talk her into doing it with us. Lisa H. and I are becoming the masters at OAMC. I love the planning aspect of OAMC, there is quite a bit that goes into planning a OAMC day. You have to decide what recipes you are going to make, then convert all the ingredients, as you have to sometimes quadruple the recipes, pick your date, make the grocery list (as in our case, lists, cuz we divide up the list between all the OAMC chefs), and much more.

So, here are the reciepes we are going to tackle this time.

Dump lime chicken
Beef stew
stuffed green peppers
dump chicken with potatoes, carrots and zucchini
dump swiss steak (again, we loved it the first time, so this is a repeat)
chicken roll ups (another repeat, yummo!)

chicken tenders
garlic fries
mashed potatoes

At the end of our cooking day we will have over 20 main meals each, approx 40 chicken tenders, tons of fries and at least 3 bags of mashed potatoes. If you ask me that is so worth cooking for an entire day. If you can have at least 20 days of no cooking during the next month....woohoo!!! I love Once a Month Cooking ☺
Wish us luck.
I will post recipes another day, its way past midnight and I am so tired.
Good night.


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Yep, We will be doing our OAMC marathon soon. Lets do it the weekend after your halloween party, k