Tuesday, September 30, 2008

OAMC part Deux DONE!!!

Jaime putting chicken parm in her food saver bags.

We had our second Once a Month cooking marathon on Sunday at it was a complete success. There were four of us this time, me, Lisa H., Anna and Jaime. We recruited my SIL Jaime, and she did a GREAT job!!! I think we have her hooked on this OAMC way of life. I sure know that I am hooked, it makes life sooooo much easier. We did really well this time we made

Chili - 6 batches
Stuffed peppers - 30 (10 each)
Lasagna - 3 pans
Dump lime chicken - 3 batches
Dump chicken w/ veggies - 3 batches
Chicken parm - 3 batches
Dump swiss steak - 6 batches
Beef stew - 6 batches
Baked ziti - 6 pans
Chicken tenders 1 bag of 25 each
garlic fries - one big bag each

Lisa H. showing off her 1/3 of the meals we prepared that day
This didn't even include the 2 pans of stuffed peppers and pan of lasagna

We ended up making about 18 meals each. Again its going to be a huge time saver over the next month to have all these meals just sitting waiting in my freezer.

So you ask, how much did it cost us to make all these dinners??? Well I would be glad to answer that. It was approximately $7.75 per meal to feed a family of four. Some of the meals I will add a veggie and/or a starch to, but most of the meals have everything I need all in the freezer bag or pan.

So, on the financial end of this OAMC, it is a smart way to go. You have the meals all paid for and just waiting in the freezer. So it cuts down on my weekly grocery bill, because I have these meals already prepared. I would say I use the OAMC meals about 4 times a week and three times a week I cook other non-prepared meals.

Whats next for us, well, in December, we are going to have a huge baking day where we are going to bake Christmas cookies and goodies. And we're going to make jams and jellies.

And I am so excited to share my next OAMC day in November with my sister, Nikki. We are going to have so much fun! I will keep you all posted on that OAMC day.

I hope I have inspired you to try this way of cooking, its so much fun, lots and lots of work, but soooo worth it in the end!!!

Have a wonderful week.


nikki said...

I am excited too

shelby1232 said...

Guess what?>?? I am trying to talk Daddy into doing the OAMC day with us. Since he is the one that cooks at home. Wouldn't that be fun!!!