Monday, December 1, 2008

So bummed

I miss my laptop!!! I had to take it in to be repaired and I am missing her desperately. The guy at the Geek Squad desk said he thinks the video card in the mother board went bad, so the mb will need to be replaced.

Thankfully it is under warranty, get this....I only had 16 more days left on my warranty. WOW, I would have been really bummed if my warranty was up and I had to pay for it myself. I might be paying for an extended warranty because I have had so many problems with my laptop. And I don't want to be in this situation in the future and not have a warranty.

So, now I wait and in the mean time I am using my hubby's desk top. I am thankful to have this, I cannot even imagine what I would do without any computer at all. I wonder what we did, back in the day, when we didn't have the Internet. I guess we kept ourselves busy doing productive

Those are my thoughts for the day!
Have a great one.

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