Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We did our OAMC again on November 8th. This time I recruited my sister, Nikki to do it with me. And of course, she loved it and has been asking me ever since, if we could plan another cooking day.

Here is Nikki cooking. We sure did make a mess that day. But messes are easy to clean up. I could not believe t he amount of food we cooked. Lets see if I can remember some of the stuff we cooked (its been well over a month since our cooking day)

Chili - 4 ziploc bags each
beef stew - 3 bags each
chicken roll ups - 12 each
breaded chicken breasts - 15 each
dump swiss steak - 2 bags each
meat loaf - 2 loaves each
meatballs - 18 each
marinara sauce - 3 bags each
seasoned green beans
mashed potatoes
in total we got 18 main meals each and 6 side dishes. So we ended up spending about 7.80 per main meal. That is for a family of four or five. My sister has a family of five, so when we filled all the baggies, we made sure to put enough in for a family of five. That comes out to 1.56 per person. WOW, that is amazing to me. I love it!!!!

I am so thankful my sister enjoyed the cooking day. Cuz, I am totally addicted to it. We are going to try to do another OAMC day the second week of January.

I had to add this pic of my boys, Justin and Jason. They were at the house all day while we cooked. And they were so well behaved and such good helpers. Thanks boys!!

Have a blessed day,

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