Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Disney World adventure 2008 part 1

One of my favorite places to vacation is Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It is such a magical place. I love it so much that John and I even went their for our honeymoon. A few months ago, my mom, who has never been to WDW, asked me what is so magical about Disney. And I just could not put it into words, I told her she would just have to see herself. And I really hope she can experiance it at least one time in her life, hopefully with all her grandchildren.

With that said, when John and I had our twin boys, I said to him that I wanted to take our boys to WDW in 2008 which is the year that they would turn 5. I always thought that was a great age to start taking kids to WDW. He looked at me kinda funny and said sure, whatever you think. He was probably thinking, this chicka is nuts already planning our boys first Disney trip and they are only 3 months If you ask my mom, she will tell you that I had their Kindergarten outfits picked out the day they were born too...that is how I like things, planned out and organized.

Well fast forward to May 2007 and I get a call from John's sister, Jaime and she asks us if we would be interested in joining the entire family (all 14 of us)and going to Disney May 2008 and I said of course we would be interested in going, that is what I was planning all along. It sure is funny how things work out. I thought, at the time, the more the merrier. It would be a great time for all 6 kids on John's side of the family to experiance WDW together.

So for that entire year, we were showing the boys pictures and videos on youtube of Disney and talking about it very often. As you can see I am a bit obsessed with WDW. Right around the end of last year, I started checking for airfare and resort rates, looking into messageboards and websites to learn as much as I could learn about taking two 4 year olds to Disney. We finally booked our airfare and WDW resort in January. It was official, we REALLY were going to Disney for the first time as a family of four. WOW, we were so excited, John too. He and I would sit in front of my new laptop (my Christmas gift from Johnny) and look at pics and plan our itinerary for hours. It was so much fun.

As I said before I am somewhat Disney obsessed. So I started my planning and making reservations for character meals, printed letters from Mickey and Donald Duck and mailed them to our boys and finalized our daily itinerary so we would make sure we got to each of the theme parks while we were there for the week.


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