Friday, March 20, 2009

Deals deals deals

Gotta love a good deal. I have been learning all about couponing over the past week or two. And let me tell ya its addicting!! Love it!!
Here is a pic of my deal of the day today. And a list of the items that I purchased.

Here is what I purchased and the regular price for each item
10 boxes of Kellogs cereal - avg price is $4.30 per box
(Rice Crispies, Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks, Corn Pops)
4 loaves of Brownberry Bread - reg. price$3.85 per loaf
Box of Pop Tarts - reg price $3.00
Box of Nurtigrain bars $3.65
Rice crispy treats $4.45
Danamals $2.49
Stackers $2.75
Fruit Roll ups $2.75
2-ind wrapped Chips Ahoy (12 in each box) $7.75 each box
4 pkg - Oscar Meyer shredded Ham lunch meat $3.95 each
2 pkg - Kraft sliced 2% American cheese $4.00 each
2 pkg- Hubba Bubba gum (for the boys) $1.19 each
4 cans of mandarin oranges $1.00 each

So total before Preferred savings, coupons and catalinas was $123.17
and I spent out of pocket $ 37.42
WOW, that's a whopping savings of $85.75

Preferred savings total was: 48.45
manufacturer savings/coupons $25.55

That's my deal of the day.

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GirlSixx said...

WOW Fran thats AWESOME!!! I need to learn how to coupon!!